This is a well-built modern brick building with good security, consisting of a good sized central hall with 2 side rooms, a kitchen and hallway off the main room, along the hallway we have toilet facilities for all including disabled, 2 Showers, store room for tables and chairs, cleaning cupboard, further down the corridor in our new extension we have created 6 bedrooms sleeping 22 in total.

Breakdown for bedrooms are as follows – there are 3 rooms with 1 bunk bed in sleeping 2 in each, one room with 2 bunk beds in sleeping 4 and 2 bedrooms with 3 bunk beds in sleeping 6 in each. In each room there is a shelf for each persons bag to go on, coat hook for everyone and plug sockets with usb ports on for everyone. There are 2 fire exits along the hallway one before you get to the bedrooms and the other at the end of the hallway.

The kitchen has recently been refurbished and consists of a fridge/freezer, 2 single ovens, 1 urn and 1 kettle, but cooking and eating equipment /utensils are not provided.

The building has a lawn outside the main doors but this area is not for camping nearby Chapel and Central Point are close by and may be booked separately for larger camps.

Services include electric lighting and outlets, with gas heating and hot water plus a cold water stand pipe outside, and there is outdoor lighting.