Recreation Field

Our recreation field is a large open flat(ish) area suitable for events, activities; such as football, rounders and wide games, it has lighting & a flagpole. Also home to Rhydd's stage where it sits on the edge of the field. It is joint with the car park only being separated by a fence. This [...]

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Campfire Circle

Rhydd's campfire circle can approximately host around 200 people, it is located by campsite 4 and the tower. This can be booked to ensure you have it for your camp and we recommend that you do so. This campfire circle is suitable to hold a big camps campfire in the week or on the [...]

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Toilet and Showers

Both our shower and toilet blocks are situated centrally with in the site. Our toilet block is split in to 4 sections, under 18 Male, under 18 Female, over 18 Males and over 18 Females. We also have 1 disabled toilet that we issue a key for when requested. Our Shower block is made [...]

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Camp Shop

Rhydd's camp shop was opened in 2003 and it is well stocked with Badges, Souvenirs, Gifts, Snacks and Confectionary for everyones needs. Located opposite the Recreation Field and the toilets and showers, the shop will be opened once or twice a weekend or multiple times during the week summer camps. Back [...]

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Activity Centre

This is a well-built modern brick building with good security, consisting of a good sized central hall leading to a number of side rooms, a kitchen and toilet facilities, including disabled. The kitchen has recently been refurbished and is equipped with appliances, but cooking and eating equipment /utensils are not provided. The building has [...]

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