Site 7

Shady Birches A medium flattish site surrounded by trees with a number of silver birches within the camping area. A quite open view site with a few trees after the entrance. It has a few [...]

Site 6

Chapel A large open site, surrounded by trees, on a gentle upward slope from the road, to where it breaks away into woodland. It is directly opposite the Activity Centre, close to toilets and showers [...]

Site 5

Five Firs A medium to large site, centrally located and next to the toilets and showers, and opposite the shop and recreation ground. The site has a slight uphill slope on the far [...]

Site 4

Campfire A medium to large site that slopes up alongside the campfire circle, central to all amenities with a water tap directly opposite, perfect location to get access to all activities. It can accommodate [...]

Site 3

Central Point A site right in the heart of Rhydd Covert, close to all amenities. Perfect for a good sized camp, it can accommodate 40-50 people dependent on tent layout, and has a designated fire [...]

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